Hakurugala Raja Maha Viharaya

July 1, 2011

This history of this temple, situated in the village of Nikawalamulla and built in a rock cave, is to this
day unwritten as it has been passed down over the generations as folklore. A specialty of this temple
is that the reclining Buddha is under the rock and it is said that this was built sometime during the
reign of King Valagumbah.
According to folklore there are 3 stories as to the origin of the temples name. The first one is that
this is where the akuru(words) were done or rather taught. The second story is that the rocks that
make the structure of the cave from a distance seem like pieces of hakuru (jiggery – a solid form of
sweet made to be used in local sweetmeats, it is derived and made from the nectar of the flowers of
palm or coconut trees) which come in rough cut cube shapes. According to the 3rd story it is said that
the name was as a result of this being the place where hakuru (jaggery) was melted by the
indigenous people of the years gone by.
Another interesting highlight of this temple is the natural spring that flows behind the temple which
according to folklore has the heaviest water in Sri Lanka meaning that the water there has an
extremely high content of minerals and it is also said that it never goes dry even in the fiercest of

Drirections and location

Hakurugala Raja Maha Viharaya is 7km off the main road on the Colombo Kandy road once you
enter the Avissawella town.


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