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Bo Ella (waterfall)

July 5, 2011

This is said to be a waterfall supplied by the Ma Oya. The Ma Oya starting at Avupiniella is supposed
to be the only river in Sri Lanka that does not connect to any other river flowing directly to sea
meeting it at Negombo. According to folklore it is said that if one were to tie a stone on to a string
and lower it into the water it will never hit the bottom. Story’s also claim that there is a hidden
underwater cave under the waterfall which can be used to hide in. There is a section which has
become like a little reservoir owing to the tiny gap between which the water has to flow to go
downstream. As a result of this trees logs and other large debris gets stuck in a violent swirl which is
referred to as Dandukelina vala (hole where sticks plays).
According to folklore the infamous Saradiel who was Sri Lanka’s version of Robin Hood had once
jumped over the divide in the middle of the river in one bold jump to escape the police constables
that were giving chase. At a glance it seems humanly impossible to cross this divide in one jump,
owing to the dangerously slippery rocks and strength of the churning currents of the water,
nevertheless as he was a glorified and courageous hero in the minds of the common folk this was a
feat he was considered capable of.

Directions and location

When you come along the Colombo Kandy road once you are in the Mawanella Provincial Secretariat
of the Kegalle District ask for Uthuvana road which will lead you at the end to the waterfall.


Kegalle District

June 29, 2011
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