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Maahmpita raja maha viharaya

July 5, 2011

This temple was originally a hiding place for King Valagambah. It is said that during his time King
Valagambah had sourced many such similar caves as hiding places which like this one became a
temple later on.
One of the highlights of this cave temple is the stone inscription measuring 12 by 14 feet. Being a
little over 2000 years old this stone inscription records one of the earliest records of money being
used for services rendered. A gem dealer by the name of Manikara and a village headman named
Hudaka according to the inscription had paid for some irrigation work, more information on this is
unavailable as the stone inscription has over time due to the elements and lack of protection
become illegible.
At the top of the rock where this temple is built there is a stone replica of the Buddha’s footprint as
it appears on Adam’s Peak (referred to as Sri Pada in Sinhalese – loosely translates to hallowed
footprint). It was apparently a practice of the kings to get replicas of the Buddha’s footprint built and
placed in other temples for devotees to pay homage to.
Another interesting highlight of this site is the ballum gala (viewing rock) a rock from which the
viewer is afforded a magnificent panoramic view of the countryside.

Directions and location

When you come along the Colombo Kandy road in-between Nelumdeniya and Galgamuwa there is a
junction called Yattohgoda from which you need to get onto the Beligala road, then after about 300
meters there is a road to your left called Maampita road, this road ends at the temple.


Kegalle District

June 29, 2011
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