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Dadimunda devale

July 6, 2011

This is a devale that was built by the Dadimunda deity who was the general to Lord Vishnu. To this
day whenever there is a Vishnu temple one can see that a Dadimunda temple will flank it. The
Dadimunda deity was put in charge of protecting Buddhism and eradicating the devils by the
Dadimunda (Devata Bandara) is said to have come to Aluthnuvara in the Kegalle District, taking up
permanent residence there in a temple, which he had constructed by the devils. Though there are a
few shrines dedicated to this deity around the island, this is the primary one. He is considered a
general of Vishnu and as a reminder of this, today, at the main Vishnu shrines in the island, one can
see that a Dadimunda temple will always flank it (e.g., Kandy, Dondra, etc.). According to folklore it is
said that he was the only deity who did not run away in fear at the time of Bodhisattva Siddhartha’s
struggle with Mara. Dadimunda now as the solitary guardian remained fearless at the Bodhisattva’s
side while all the other deities took flight in fright. He is portrayed in the attire of a Kandyan chief
with his special attribute, a walking stick (soluva). His Kandyan dress symbolizes (WHAT DOES IT
SYMBOLIZE?) his suzerainty over the Kandyan area.

Directions and location

When you come from Colombo along the Colombo Kandy road, once you get to Mawanalla turn
right at the Hingula (Hingula is a small town on Colombo Kandy road between Mawanella and
Kadugannawa) junction, this road ends at the Devale. If unsure ask anyone around, everyone in the
area will know where it is and be able to direct you.


Kegalle District

June 29, 2011
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