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Olu Ella (waterfall)

July 5, 2011

Having its humble beginnings in Wewiyathalawa where the local TV station ITN has its tower erected
this is a picturesque waterfall that according folklore has never run dry even in the most unforgiving
drought. They say that this water fall derives its name from the likeness it bears to the white Olu
flower because it’s multiple falls look like the milk white petals of an Olu flower.
There are 2 hydro power stations that draw power from the water churning in the Olu Ella and the
water from this fall also helps irrigate the surrounding villages. According to villagers during the rainy
season the waterfall get so engorged with water that they have to cross the bridge made of wooden
beams with caution as the fine spray created by the fall creates a total whiteout of the road ahead.
The villagers also say that you get drenched if you try to cross the bridge on foot during the rainy
This waterfall joins up with the Wee oya(river). The villagers also said that once the wooden beams
on the bridge had got washed away as the waterfall had been that strong. Through natural
circumstances a huge rock slab has got embedded between the bridge and the fall which acts as a
natural barrier to break the fall of the water, today this acts as a natural failsafe to protect the bridge
if the waterfall becomes too strong.

Directions and location

To get to Olu Ella you must find the 16th milepost via Yatianthota in Pellumpola. The bridge in front
of the fall is located just passing the 16th km post on B482 route. From Colombo the journey is about
2 hours.


Kegalle District

June 29, 2011
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